My name is Michael Eisenbud, the founder of The Depression Portal (TDP). I am not a Psychiatrist, MD, Ph.D., Psychologist or Social Worker. I am the father of a very talented 45 year old son who took his own life after suffering with chronic depression for some 25 years. He had the benefit of all sorts of professional resources and the love of his family and friends.... It was not enough.

Following his death I came across treatments that may have turned things around for him before it was too late. The question is, why didn’t his medical team know about these and perhaps other treatments? Why didn’t he have access to information that might have steered his treatment in a more productive direction?

The answer could be as simple as “information and/or patient overload”. Too much data from too many different places with too many patients to make important information access as timely as it could be. 

TDP was created to bridge the gap between available knowledge and the audiences it is intended to help. Through this single internet portal the most contemporary treatments, knowledge and resources will be consolidated and made available to those who suffer from depression and their family and friends who are there for support. Our hope is that this will result in more timely solutions.

Site information comes from various Internet resources and has been consolidated in a way that hopefully allows users to make better use of it. 

There will be no “editorializing” about the information, just the presentation of the best “facts” we can find. Like many “facts,” they are subject to change as new “facts” are discovered. 

This website will be updated as current information becomes available.

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