FDA Approves Depression Trial Featuring Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms

Newsweek just published an article featuring a clinical trial approved by the FDA for the usage of psilocybin—a hallucinogenic found in magic mushrooms, which can cause feelings of euphoria. The largest of its kind, this trial is being conducted by Compass Pathways, a life sciences firm.

"216 patients with treatment-resistant depression will take part in the phase two trial across 12 to 15 research sites in North America and Europe, which will start in the U.K. later this month," according to a statement by Compass Pathways.

The participants will receive psychological support during the trial as well.

This trial is a ground-breaking study for the psychedelic renaissance, which is a movement "...in the past half a decade that indicates that psychedelic drugs, including LSD, MDMA, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca and peyote ibogaine, have beneficial properties when used in a controlled medical environment."

Although not psychoactive, ketamine, used in anaesthesia, also falls into this category. (Reference TDP blog post from August 4, 2018, which delves deeper into ketamine usage in psychiatry.)

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