Depression Survivor Shares Quote to Live By

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Having dealt with depression for over 30 years, the quote that pulled me out of it is: "Action begets success." This simple but powerful statement applies to many things in life—especially when battling depression. When the darkness hits, the temptation to steep in your sadness runs deep. Nothing sounds better than quitting your day job, camping out in bed, living off pizza and Pinot, and listening to Mazzy Star on repeat while journaling about how depressed you are. But have you ever been depressed about being depressed? Been there and that's where staying up all night, zoning out to Jeopardy reruns will get you.

So what will pull you out of your depression? I'll say it again—action. Note that taking action produces a cumulative effect, meaning that the more things you do to better yourself, the more you'll start to care again. There's no one specific thing that will get you to care; you need to do what make sense to you.

Still seems a little nebulous? Think of all the lousy things you do to feed your depression. And do the exact opposite of them now. Drag yourself out of bed, open the windows, and inhale the fresh air for starters. Take a long shower and throw on some clean clothes. Start a gratitude journal. Lace up your running shoes. Try meditating to sounds of the ocean. Consider seeing a psychiatrist (or have your psych tweak your existing medication). I'm not being flippant about the last statement; meds kick in more quickly than decades of therapy and you've already spent enough time being depressed.

Then do the unthinkable. Reach out to your friends/family/loved ones. You've ignored them for days/weeks/months, and they've been worried sick about you. Answer those texts and send an IG to the world that you're back from the dead. You'll be embraced, don't worry. Because when you start talking about your depression, people will open up to you about theirs. It's a fact that depression hits 1 in 4 Americans. Yet everyone's ashamed about it. Why, I'll never know. It's not your fault. But letting depression beat you is.

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