I Live With Chronic Depression; I Am Not Ashamed

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Actor Wil Wheaton of "Stand By Me" and "Star Trek: The Next Generation" fame recently spoke at the National Alliance on Mental Illness's Ohio statewide conference. He began his talk with the following opening:

"So. My name is Wil Wheaton, and I have Chronic Depression. It took me over thirty years to be able to say those ten words, and I suffered for most of them as a result. I suffered because though we in America have done a lot to help people who live with mental illness, we have not done nearly enough to make it okay for our fellow travelers on the wonky brain express to reach out and accept that help. I’m here today to talk with you about working to end the stigma and prejudice that surrounds mental illness in America, and as part of that, I want to share my story with you."

Read more about Wil's story here.

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