Finding Your Sweet Spot for Curing Depression

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Clearly, there is no magic bullet that’s right for everyone when it comes to dealing with DEPRESSION. Each individual needs to find the right elixir that is concocted for their own needs. All of us have experienced some aspect of DEPRESSION, feeling “blue”, tired, unmotivated. These might be early symptoms of clinical DEPRESSION, if they last more than two weeks. If so, additional remediation may be called for.

Some people feel more comfortable with their own support systems. Talking with friends, family, coworkers or professionals about their DEPRESSION. For others, doing their homework about DEPRESSION, its causes and treatment might feel better; (i.e., it’s my illness, I need to own and understand it). Still others want to get professional help with a Psychiatrist, MD, therapist or social worker to help them through an episode.

You’re likely to get your best leverage on your DEPRESSION problem with a mix of all three of these actions; the sweet spot if you will. Focusing on only one or two of these factors can leave a void with, suboptimal outcome.

Experimentation is needed to tailor what’s right for you. Research might lead to a therapist or medication that fits your needs. Integrating your support groups might help you better recognize that you are suffering with a depression episode and some other action may be needed. It sometimes takes another observer to really see and experience the turmoil you may be experimenting.

This is not a quick fix situation. Try different approaches and see what feel right for you.

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